Z3 Thermostat EP

By Sikom AS

Floor heating thermostat for mounting in wall box, with e-paper display and touch button interface for local control, configuration and display of set and measured temperature as well as the heating state of thermostat. The thermostat continuously monitors and reports the measured temperature, and implements overheating protection. It has built-in relays for regulating the power to the floor heating cable directly. The two relays break both sides of the circuit when the thermostat is off. Can be used with floor temperature sensor (included) or by measuring the air temperature in the room. For 230V, max load 3600W.

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SKU 300-9715
Firmware Version 1.1.1
Hardware Version 1.3
Certificate ID ZIG19149ZB330391-24
Certified Date 08/12/2019
Compliance Document Download Compliance Document
Product has successfully completed TIS/TRP testing No

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