Situo 4 Zigbee Pure

By Somfy

Intuitive ergonomics, timeless and modern design, this new remote controls will seduce everyone both visually and functionally.

Thanks to this range of remote controls the user can easily manage 1 or up to 4 groups of Zigbee window covering devices:
Situo 1 Zigbee: 1 channel remote control, allows to control 1 window covering device or a group of window covering devices
Situo 4 Zigbee: 4 channels remote control, allows to control up to 5 groups of one or more window covering devices.

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SKU 5144129A
Firmware Version A26v00
Hardware Version 5144129A
Certificate ID ZIG21148ZB331008-24
Certified Date 04/21/2021
Compliance Document Download Compliance Document
Product has successfully completed TIS/TRP testing No

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