LUX GEO Zigbee Thermostat (GEOZ-WH / GEOZ-BL)

By Johnson Controls, Inc.

The LUX/GEO Zigbee is a universal thermostat for 24VAC applications. The stylish design, easy to read display and intuitive UX make it perfect for domestic and light commercial applications.
Major features include:
• Conventional and heat pump support
• Configurable heat/cool/fan mode
• 7-days programmable schedule
• Auto change-over
• Home and away temperature setting
• Date/time display and setting
• Vertical or horizontal mounting for easy installation

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Firmware Version 00310031
Hardware Version 2
Certificate ID ZIG17108ZHA25942-24
Certified Date 11/01/2017
Compliance Document Download Compliance Document
Product has successfully completed TIS/TRP testing No

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