When to Use Zigbee

What you need

Zigbee is the only complete loT solution, from the mesh network to the universal language that allows smart objects to work together.


You Need What Zigbee offers
Get to market quickly

A well-tested and quick certification process along with options like our Certification Transfer Program, allows you to skip the product development process and get your devices in consumers’ hands before you thought possible.

Global deployment

2.4GHz ISM band usage ensures license-free product deployment worldwide. Zigbee products have access to 16 separate 5MHz channels in this band and this helps to provide clear communication pathways regardless of the geographic region.


Proven mesh networking on top of the IEEE 802.15.4 radio standard eliminates single points of failure and enables large networks of up to 65,000 nodes.

Self-healing and scalable abilities provide for networks with hundreds of devices.


Certification ensures device-to-device interoperability; the Zigbee Certified program is highly regarded as the premier program for IoT device certification.
A single application language (Dotdot) provides for interoperability among multi-vendor ecosystems.

Designed for forward and backward compatibility (Legacy devices may join a Zigbee network; Zigbee devices will join legacy networks)

Proven and well-tested solutions

The Alliance offers comprehensive testing and certification programs covering MAC/PHY, network, and applications/product layers. With over 3,500 Certified Products on the market, your devices will join an impressive lineup of best-in-class products.

Lower power consumptions

Because of the efficient way Zigbee transmits data packets, power consumption is kept to a minimum. Furthermore, Zigbee allows for sleeping end devices; not having to keep nodes fully powered drastically reduces the overall impact on battery life.

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