Why Zigbee?

Why should I use Zigbee in my Products & services?

Why top companies choose the Zigbee

There are many factors to consider when choosing which protocol to incorporate within your products. Zigbee is the Alliance’s flagship technology provides a full-stack solution that allows your product to interoperate with IoT’s most frequently used devices. Zigbee allows products to enter into the most important ecosystems, get to market quickly, and gain access to the industry forefront.

Globally certified products that offer interoperability with each other

Certified Products deployed all over the globe

Why Zigbee is different

Zigbee increases choice and flexibility for users and developers and delivers the confidence that products and services will all work together through standardization at all layers of the stack. The Zigbee solution includes testing, certification, branding and marketing support to make it easier to develop and sell interoperable products and solutions. It unlocks growth opportunities while fueling innovation to enable new capabilities at home, work and on the road.

  • Zigbee is a mature and widely deployed standard with established channels for your new products.
  • Zigbee products work with every Zigbee Certified connected home or business platform, so you can choose products that will keep working for you and won’t lock you into a single vendor’s ecosystem. Alliance members from startups to major brands have developed interoperable Zigbee products in every device category. Develop products that work for you and your customers, without one-off integration costs or lock-in.
  • Zigbee products are backward-compatible with existing Zigbee products and legacy profiles. They can connect and communicate with millions of Zigbee products already deployed in smart homes and buildings.

Why should I use Zigbee in my home?

Zigbee allows you to control your world your way. It makes smart monitoring of your home easy with devices that alert you to intruders, smoke, carbon monoxide, and water leaks. And beyond basic monitoring, you can even enable automation so that your lights turn on when you unlock the front door or your shades close when the sun starts to hit the dining room table during dinner.

Unlike traditional hub systems, in which devices communicate to a central controller, Zigbee products utilize mesh networking technology, which allows devices to communicate with one another. If one relay device, or node, should fail, the devices can communicate with another relay device, leaving service uninterrupted as a whole.

Whether it’s testing your temperature, controlling your lights, or opening your drapes, Zigbee Certified Products keep your home the way you like it. Furthermore, Zigbee Certified Products with Green Power eliminate the need for batteries, making your home smart and energy-efficient.

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