Bringing cities together


JupiterMesh is the robust, low-power industrial IoT wireless mesh network with flexible data rates that enables neighborhood and field area communications for utilities and municipalities deploying intelligent grid and smart city solutions.  Built on open IETF and IEEE standards it includes advanced technologies such as IPv6, frequency hopping, multi-band operation, authentication, encryption, and key management to drive industry realization of interoperable multi-vendor implementations that scale and that are secure and easy to manage.

What markets does JupiterMesh serve?


JupiterMesh excels at intelligently connecting neighborhoods, utilities and municipalities. Higher data rates, lower latency and stronger bandwidth management make it the right choice for smart grid applications.

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Offices, the hospitality industry, the medical world, educational institutions, retail, production facilities: there are virtually no commercial domains left where smart building solutions are not valuable. Adoption should be a top priority in order to provide energy-saving, efficient space utilization, improvement of working conditions, enhancing employee satisfaction, and improving building maintenance.

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