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Zigbee Smart Energy 1.x

Zigbee Smart Energy (link to smart energy page) is the world’s leading standard for interoperable products that monitor, control, inform, and automate the delivery and use of energy and water. It is used to deliver innovative solutions for smart meters and the home area network (HAN) that allow consumers to know and control their energy use by connecting them to the smart grid and helps create greener homes by giving consumers the information and automation needed to easily reduce their consumption and save money.

  • Zigbee Smart Energy is widely deployed and delivering benefits to consumers today.
  • 70+ million Zigbee electric meters being deployed by dozens of utility companies in the USA
  • Major deployments in California, Texas, Oklahoma, Maryland, Michigan, Washington, DC, and Virginia
  • An additional 40 million meters (from utility RFPs) in the USA are in various stages of business case development and rate approval with local regulatory bodies
  • State of Victoria in Australia upgrading all its meters
  • Zigbee Smart Energy continues to develop and Alliance members are currently working on requirements for the UK market.
  • UK DECC announced SMETS 2 which cites Zigbee Smart Energy 1.x
  • Enhancements include enhanced support for tariffs, pricing, prepayment and tunneling of DLMS/COSEM


Recently, the Alliance announced that its members are working to create a standard for JupiterMesh Neighborhood Area Network (NAN), the utility last mile that connects devices outside the home such as smart meters, distribution automation devices and data aggregators.

The work is based on market requirements from utilities and the need for standards-based interoperable NANs. Open global standards provide utilities with a wider choice of product features, increased price competition, reduced supply risk and flexibility in selecting vendors all while assuring that products will interoperate seamlessly. Currently, only 3% of NAN communications is standards-based. Pike Research estimates that by 2015, 70% will be standards-based and 85% will be standards-based by 2020.

The NAN standard will define for Layers 1 through 4 of the ISO OSI communication stack. This provides a harmonized transport network supporting different IP-based applications and will create an interoperable standard by defining optional features of other standards including IEEE 802.15.4g and IETF transport protocols such as RPL, UDP and TCP.

The Alliance is well positioned to create a market relevant NAN standard. Alliance membership represents a broad ecosystem of manufacturers from radio to meter device manufacturers and Alliance members are recognized experts in smart meter and smart grid with experience creating standards that are well accepted by utilities. Zigbee Certified is a mature testing and certification program that ensures products built using Zigbee standards function as expected and products from different manufacturers interoperate with each other to help guarantee seamless interoperability in the NAN.

Details of this ongoing work are available to members of the Alliance. If you are interested in participating in this important standards development activity.

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