Market Uses

Equipping you with the right option for the right market

The Alliance in the Market

There are a few major markets we identified as key markets that our solutions serve. Each one has vastly different needs and value propositions which means different technological requirements. The major markets we serve are Smart Home, Commercial, Utility & Lighting.

Smart Home

Intelligently connecting everyday devices in consumer’s homes adding convenience and improving health in people’s homes. Consumer facing devices typically fall in this category.

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Igniting creativity and collaboration in offices, hospitality, retail, education, and production facilities. Increasing safety, convenience and efficiency can be important value adds that the Alliance technology can provide.

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Providing tools for utility providers that allows for another way to differentiate and create value for end-users. This includes water, gas, and electricity.

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Zigbee is the language of connected lighting in homes and businesses. It is in innovative products that provide new ways to use light, improve comfort and convenience, and save energy.

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