Europe Interest Group


The Alliance Europe Interest Group (EU IG) is comprised of volunteer members with a shared focus on all topics relating to Alliance technologies as they pertain to the European market. The EU IG directly reports to the Alliance Board of Directors and provides the Board with input on EU matters including information regarding EU standards and regulations. The EU IG includes 60+ member companies and is led by Chairman Ulf Axelsson from IKEA who is also an Alliance Board Director.


The Europe IG is an excellent way to actively connect with other Alliance member companies with an interest or investment in the European market. Membership is open to all Alliance Promoters or Participant level members.

Members are able to:

  • Participate in regular virtual calls organized by the group Chairman on a range of EU-focused topics
  • More actively participate collectively in European IoT events and help promote Alliance technologies regionally
  • Exchange Zigbee product and company information with other Alliance EU IG member companies to establish stronger ties to neighboring businesses
  • Collaborate on collateral to help educate the EU market about Alliance technologies and initiatives
  • Influence the strategic planning of the EU IG by voting on topics to set priority in the group on EU matters
  • Access information collectively shared by the EU IG
  • Participate in Europe Interest Group F2F events
  • Participate in European-focused residential and/or commercial marketing activities and discussions


How do I join the Europe Interest Group?

Email Sharee Golly, if you have any questions or are interested in joining this effort to support the Alliance’s global IoT charge.



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