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Certification Process

The process to certification is only 7 steps and we have an entire certification team dedicated to helping you through the process; no matter which step you are on. Contact our team with questions – we are here to help!

Certification Steps

  1. Become a member
    If you are already a member you can skip this step. Joining is simple!

    1. Firstly, applicants must read the Alliance Policies and Governing Docs.
    2. Selecting a membership level comes next. Membership levels are:
  2. Select a compliant platform
    We have established access to compliant platforms from multiple different silicon vendors. Select a compliant platform to use in your product from the following list: List of compliant platforms.
  3. Choose a test house
    The Alliance provides authorized test houses all over the world. The
    Testing Providers page lists our authorized test houses.
  4. Send your product to be tested
    Once the test house accepts your request to test your product, they will ask you to send your product to them.
  5. Send the PICS document
    Certification requires you to send a completed PICS document, to the test house, this allows them to determine the correct testing which your product must undergo. You will also need to fill out the Certification Application in the Certification Tool. This will require you to create an account. This is a quick process if you use your company email & your company is a member.
  6. Application pending
    Once your application has been reviewed in the Certification Tool, the Certification team will either approve, require modifications to receive an approval or reject your product. Reach out to our Certification team to find out more about the criteria used during the process.
  7. Upon approval
    After having your product approved you will receive a formal certificate from the Alliance and can begin to use the Certified Product logo! Certified Product logos have usage guidelines that govern how they are used, please read the applicable sections before affixing. Logos are sent to the primary contact for the certification. For further information about Logos and their usage please contact us by following this link: Marketing.

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