Certification Transfer Program

What is the Certification Transfer Program?

The Zigbee Alliance Certification Transfer Program offers companies one more path to joining the Zigbee Alliance ecosystem of Certified Products. The program enables Zigbee Alliance Participant and Promoter members to offer their Certified Products to customers for re-branding/white labeling while maintaining the Zigbee Certified status of those products.

Program Value

For existing members

Participants and Promoters can now offer a Zigbee Certified product to a customer and allow the customer re-certify the product under its company name. This enables the customer to easily enter the IoT marketplace, increasing distribution and sales channels by leveraging existing Certified Products.

Participants and Promoters are also eligible to receive a Certification Transfer.

Adopters are eligible to receive a Certification Transfer on a product from a Participant or Promoter company and to re-certify the product under their own company name. Approved products may then carry the Zigbee Certified logo under the Adopter’s company name.

For new companies

New companies can now easily and affordably implement Certified Products from Alliance Participant and Promoter member companies, and re-certify these products under their company name. Approved products may then carry the Zigbee Certified logo under the new company name.

Additional requirements apply for companies that are not yet Adopter or higher level members of the Alliance. Please contact [email protected] for more information.


How the program works

Participant and Promoter companies are capable of offering products for certification transfer.

Products for certification transfer must:

  • Be an end product
  • Be previously certified by the Zigbee Alliance (Zigbee 3.0, Zigbee Smart Energy, and Green Power devices only)
  • Belong to a Participant or Promoter member company
  • Be enrolled in the program by a Participant or Promoter Company for certification transfer in the member Certification Web Tool.

Eligible companies can then apply to re-certify products under their own company name, as long as the product:

  1. Has not undergone any functional changes* from the originally certified product; and
  2. Seeks certification under the same program, device type, and device capabilities as the originally certified product

*Only branding or appearance changes to the product packaging, enclosure, and/or user interface are permitted (e.g., acceptable changes include: enclosure color, brand markings, and UI splash screen).


How to join this program and certify a device

Existing members can enroll products in the program and apply for Certification Transfer using the Certification Web Tool.

For new companies that are not yet Alliance members, please contact [email protected] to get started.

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