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What we do

  • Develop open, global standards for wireless device-to-device communication for the IoT (Internet of Things)
  • Certify products to help ensure interoperability through our Certified program
  • Promote the use of our standards around the world


to create new opportunities and a larger market for all stakeholders in the IoT.

Bringing Together

the world’s most innovative companies and individuals to create and evolve technologies that enable all IoT devices to connect and interact — regardless of country, brand, market, or network.


on our technologies’ brand promise of performance and interoperability with robust certification programs and tools.


and fostering opportunities for collaboration amongst our members, and all IoT stakeholders to drive consensus in the industry.


industry-wide challenges, by partnering with leading organizations, to enable a more unified Internet of Things.


The Alliance technologies, and members’ achievements and solutions built on our technologies.


the thought leadership of our members to highlight today’s opportunities, inspire tomorrow’s innovation, and influence the future of the Internet of Things.


to be the most trusted IoT consortium by continually working to make it easier for companies to develop and deploy interoperable IoT products quickly, effectively and at a low cost.

Lead the effort

The Alliance has a few positions open where you can help lead the movement to a better world. View our open positions below.

Technical Team

If you’re interested in one of the above positions please email [email protected] with your resume or CV and we’ll review your information.

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