IPR Declarations

The Zigbee Alliance maintains an Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Policy that meets the goals of its members, including the public posting of the Zigbee Alliance IPR Policy, IPR Declaration Form and all IPR declarations, available to the public on the IPR page of the Zigbee Alliance website.  Pursuant to Clause 6 of the Zigbee Alliance Member Agreement, any stated confidentiality protection of a member organization’s IPR declaration expires three (3) years following the member’s declaration to the Zigbee Alliance.  It is also important to note that the 2004 declarations posted here were made in the context (i) of a different IPR policy and (ii) in relation to historic specifications.


2004 Declarations

Certicom IPR Declaration
Ember IPR Declaration
Mitsubishi IPR Declaration
NEC IPR Declaration
Philips IPR Declaration
Samsung IPR Declaration

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