Board & Officers

Chairman of the Board
John E. Osborne II
General Manager, North America

John Osborne is currently General Manager, North America at LEEDARSON, and chair of the board for the Zigbee Alliance. In these capacities, he helps educate and grow the IoT market globally. LEEDARSON is a global provider in lighting and sensors. The Zigbee Alliance has been the premier IoT standards development organization since 2002.

John has extensive experience in new product development, rapid product commercialization, systems innovations, and operations improvement. He has demonstrated the ability to manage and inspire multi-cultural, international-external teams. He is a skilled communicator and presenter, and has a sound background in budgeting, resource allocation, and operations efficiency.

Vice Chair of the Board
Jean-Pierre Desbenoit
ICT Standardization and Industry Relations Director
Schneider Electric

Jean-Pierre Desbenoit is currently on the Industry and Government Affairs team of Schneider Electric, and is in charge of ICT standardization and industry relations. He is involved in several standards organizations and industry alliances working in the IoT space (AIOTI, ETSI, IEC, IIC, Zigbee Alliance, etc). He is a member of the Strategic Committee Digital Information and Communication of AFNOR, board member of AIOTI and Zigbee Alliance, and has been the vice-chair of the Zigbee Alliance since February 2016.

Previously he led electronic and software research at Schneider Electric, and was then in charge of communication technologies in the Innovation Department. He has been recognized as Group Senior Expert since 2008. Before joining Schneider Electric in 2002, Jean-Pierre spent 21 years in the telecommunication field in various R&D positions. Jean-Pierre holds a master’s degree in computer science from the High National School of Telecommunication of Paris, France.

Vice Chair of the Board
Sujata Neidig
NXP Semiconductors

Sujata Neidig has over 25 years of experience in the semiconductor industry and has served in a variety of roles ranging from product engineering to marketing and business development. Sujata is currently the Director of Product Marketing for NXP’s Kinetis 32-bit ARM(r) Cortex(r)-M and wireless connectivity microcontrollers (MCUs). In addition to being a member of the Zigbee Alliance board, she is also on the Thread Group board where she has the role of VP of Marketing and the Marketing Committee chair. Sujata earned a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin.

Vice Chair of the Board
Bruno Vulcano

R&D Manager – Legrand Group RF skills Center & Digital Networks Devices
Legrand Group

Bruno joined Legrand as an RF engineer in 1997. Since 2016, Bruno is the R&D manager for the Legrand Group RF Skills Center and for the Digital Network devices for the Legrand Digital Infrastructure Business Unit.  Previously Bruno spent 11 years as the manager of the Electronic and Software Department of the Legrand Group’s Radio Frequency & Voice, Data and Image Competencies Center and 10 years in the wired and RF telecommunication field in various R&D positions as electronic designer or project leader.

Bruno holds a master’s degree in electronic embedded systems from the Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble, France.

Vice Chair of the Board
Juston Zhu
Vice President, IoT Business

Juston Zhu is vice president of Wulian Co., Ltd. Currently, Juston leads marketing as well as a number of engineering departments at Wulian, and is also in charge of overseas sales and strategic account development. Juston started his career as hardware engineer at Sony, and spent over 12 years in Tokyo before moving to China in 2014.

Prior to joining Wulian, Juston held several leadership positions at NVIDIA for more than eight years. His experience covers both business and engineering in home automation and cloud service, mobile computing, various consumer electronics, and embedded systems. Juston holds BSc. degree in electrical engineering from Fudan University, China.

Jean-Michel Orsat
Somfy Group

Jean-Michel Orsat has over 30 years of experience in the home automation industry, within industry alliances and EU regulatory bodies. He is Director of the Systems & Solutions of Connectivity Department at Somfy, overseeing technology partnerships, connectivity and wireless networking technologies and overall system architectures.

With a strong focus on Interoperability, he has been deeply involved in the development of protocols with other leading home equipment manufacturers. The department he is heading deals with wireless protocols developments, focusing io-homecontrol, Thread, ZigBee and other open standard solutions for the Somfy Group.

He is also a member of the Thread Group Board of Directors and a member of the Executive Board within the Zigbee Alliance. Jean-Michel Orsat is graduated with an Engineering Degree from the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers.

Zigbee Alliance President and CEO
Tobin JM Richardson

Tobin Richardson serves as President and CEO of the Zigbee Alliance, leading the Alliance’s efforts to develop and promote world-leading open, global standards for the Internet of Things. Tobin works closely with the Alliance Board of Directors to set strategy and to advance the adoption of Alliance standards around the globe, including Zigbee, Dotdot, Smart Energy and several other IoT standards essential to interoperability for consumers in smart homes, smart buildings, and smart cities. Tobin has more than two decades of experience in guiding technology, product, and organizational strategy and development, from Fortune 500 to large government bodies focused on transformational change. 

Cam Williams

Lead Architect of IoT Connectivity
Schneider Electric

Cam works with a global corporate team in Schneider Electric that sets policy and provides resources for interoperability across Schneider’s many verticals.

Previously Cam worked in the commercial buildings business for Andover Controls, where he developed wireless building solutions and standardized BACnet over Zigbee. Before that, he designed and developed wireless systems using existing tower infrastructures for police and electric utility vehicles.

Cam is the chair of the working group which develops and maintains the Zigbee application layer, Zigbee Cluster Library, and Dotdot language model. He was also the strategic evangelist, champion, and chair of the group that merged separate Zigbee profiles into one Zigbee offering.

Rob Alexander
Silicon Labs

Rob has worked on IoT devices, wireless protocols, and embedded devices for more than 13 years.  He is a Principal Architect at Silicon Labs working with the embedded software team to integrate wireless stacks into Silicon Labs hardware and software.  Since 2013 Rob has served as the Chair of the ZigBee Pro Core Workgroup, which defines the mesh networking layer, application transport layer, and the interactions with the IEEE 802.15.4 MAC layer.  Rob serves on the ZigBee Board of Directors and the Thread Board of Directors.

Bożena Erdmann
Connectivity Specialist

A research scientist with a background in telecommunications and working experience with WLAN/WPAN technologies. Interested in all kinds of developments in LR-WPAN, including new applications.
Specializing in: configuration/setup, user interaction, security, performance, optimization, and applications.


Wesley Rhodes
VP of Technology Transformation
The Kroger Co.

Wesley is the VP of Technology Transformation at Kroger focused on their transformation to new technologies, paradigms, methods, and innovations to better serve Kroger customers.

Prior to joining Kroger, Wesley spent 17 years with IBM where he served in numerous capacities including as the Chief Technologist in Artificial Intelligence and Cloud computing, as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for Sensemaking, as the CTO for Corporate Strategy, as the Deputy CTO for US and NATO National Security and Defense, as Director of the Network Science Research Center as well as a subject matter expert in cyber security and disaster recovery.

Wesley holds numerous academic appointments, is a former Prince of Wales Fellow at MIT and has graduate degrees from the University of Houston, the University of Western Carolina, the University of Texas at Austin and from the University of Maryland, University College.

Chris DeCenzo

Chris DeCenzo is a Principal Engineer at Amazon where he focuses on Smart Home for the Alexa Devices group. Prior to joining Amazon, Chris spent 9 years as the Chief Architect at Icontrol Technologies, a pioneer in the Connected Home space. Icontrol was split up and sold to Xfinity and in 2016.



Suyash Jain
Texas Instruments

Suyash Jain is a Software Development Manager at Texas Instruments where he focuses on Zigbee Stack Development and Software Integration aspects for the SimpleLink product family. Suyash has had roles in both Low Power Wireless Software and Hardware Engineering at TI, he brings his wireless engineering experience and customer/consumer focus to the development of Technologies at Zigbee Alliance.


Michael Koster
SmartThings Inc.

Michael J. Koster brings 30 years of experience in system architecture design to the Zigbee Alliance. He designed systems for a variety of hardware and software, from an embedded signal processor, to the data center, to the internet system. He has more than 10 patents in the coherency protocol of distributed systems and related technologies.

Michael’s current research focus is to provide application-layer semantic interoperability of devices connected to the internet scale. His work as Samsung / SmartThings principal research engineer involves many organizations, including the IETF, OCF, W3C, IPSO, OMA and other industry associations.

Daniel Moneta
MMB Networks

Daniel Moneta is one of the founders of MMB Networks, an IoT-enablement company working with leading and innovative brands to solve their connectivity challenges, and rapidly bring connected products and services to market. Daniel leads marketing for MMB’s family of Zigbee modules and gateways, RapidConnect interoperability software, and integration services.

MMB and its core team have been working with Zigbee technologies for over ten years, and as Alliance members have been heavily involved in the development of Smart Energy, Zigbee Home Automation & 3.0, and Dotdot. Daniel serves as Marketing Work Group Chair of the Zigbee Alliance, working with members, the board, and Alliance executives and staff to promote the Alliance’s interoperability technologies to the IoT industry.

Prior to MMB, Daniel led marketing at one of the first wireless energy management platforms using Zigbee in the commercial space. At MMB, Daniel has worked with customers across the Smart Energy, connected home, and commercial markets.

Daniel holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from the Schulich School of Business. With more than 15 years of experience enabling (not to mention installing, using, fighting with, enjoying, recommending, showing off, and being an avid consumer of) connected products, Daniel is a thought leader, a frequent speaker at industry events, and an advocate for the innovators and users on the IoT.

Jim Kitchen

Jim is VP of Product for Connected Home Devices & Platforms at Comcast.  In this role, his product teams are responsible for all IoT/automation devices on Comcast’s national Xfinity Home & Xfinity Automation deployments.  Jim joined Comcast through the acquisition of Icontrol, a company that he co-founded in 2005.  Icontrol was the leading smart home security and automation platform for both Comcast and ADT until its acquisition by Comcast in 2016.  While at Icontrol, Jim led several different teams and was SVP of Product Strategy & Ecosystems at the time of acquisition.  Jim has been working with the Zigbee Alliance since 2007 when Zigbee was adopted as a key technology for some of the largest system deployments in the world.  With over 25 years of experience in strategic planning, product management, software operations, and both hardware and software technology, Jim brings a unique perspective to the Zigbee Alliance Board of Directors to help represent the concerns of a large service provider/operator in the IoT space.

Pekka Hakkarainen
Lutron Electronics

Dr. Pekka Hakkarainen is Vice President of Government and Industry Relations at Lutron Electronics. He has held several technical, market development and business development positions since joining Lutron in 1990.

Pekka has been involved in NEMA activities since the mid-1990’s and he is a past Chair of the Lighting Systems Division and the High Performance Building Council. Pekka currently chairs the Daylight Management Council. In 2014 Pekka received NEMA’s Kite and Key award for his service in the Lighting Systems Division. He has also served on the Board of the Global Lighting Association and served as the Chair of the Board of the Connected Lighting Alliance.

Pekka is also a voting member of the ASHRAE 90.1 Committee and a member of the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America. He has served on two committees for the National Research Council charged with evaluating public spending on solid-state lighting.

Pekka received a BA/MA degree in Mathematics from Cambridge University, England and a Ph.D. in Plasma Physics from MIT. He holds seven U.S. patents.

Ulf Axelsson
IKEA of Sweden AB

Ulf is an IoT Architect and works with connectivity technologies within IKEA Home Smart. During his five years at IKEA his main focus has been to develop the Zigbee implementation of the Zigbee-based products.

Before Ulf brought his competence to IKEA he worked with the development of mobile phones within Sony Ericsson and the development of video surveillance products at Axis Communications for a combined ten years.

Kevin Po

Kevin is a Product Manager for the Smart Home Ecosystem at Google Nest, with 10+ years in the consumer electronics industry.
Kevin leads SDK and API development that enable local interactions in the ecosystem, as well as their product integrations in the Google Nest experience. This includes driving connectivity technology strategy, such as Thread and Weave, within Google’s Devices and Services product area.
Kevin previously held various technical leadership and software management roles within Nest, having joined the company in 2012 and helped ship multiple generations of Nest products and services.

Andreas Gal

Based in Cupertino, CA, US, Andreas works on HomeKit technology and strategy. Prior to joining Apple, Andreas was Chief Technology Officer at Mozilla where he, among others, launched Firefox OS. After leaving Mozilla Andreas founded the embedded machine learning startup Silk Labs before joining Apple in 2017. Andreas holds a MS and PhD in Computer Science from the University of Magdeburg and University of California, Irvine, respectively.


David Kaufman
Resideo Technologies Inc.

David Kaufman is a Director of Business Development for Resideo Technologies Inc. He has over 30 years of experience in automation holding various executive sales and marketing roles. David is known for leading successful strategic initiatives where he has consistently achieved organic business growth totally over $500M. He is currently the primary Resideo representative for any Internet of Things related standard or alliance. He has held key positions in the Wireless Industrial Network Alliance, the HART Communications Foundation, and the Open Connectivity Foundation. He was a charter board member of the Wireless Compliance Institute, the Energy Information Standards Alliance, and the OpenADR Alliance. He has been recognized with numerous awards for his industry contributions including 2 awards from the US National Institute of Technology (NIST). He has a B.S. degree in Industrial Engineering from Iowa State University, an MBA from St. Joseph’s University in Pennsylvania, and a Six Sigma Black Belt certification from Honeywell. David also holds multiple US patents. He is a published author on wireless technologies and a recent 4 time All American Triathlete.

Nathalie Vallespin

Nathalie is a product marketing manager in charge of 2.4GHz connectivity products in MCU division at STMicroelectronics. Prior to joining STMicroelectronics, Nathalie acquired connectivity knowledge over different technologies, starting with RF design on GSM mobile platforms and evolving through application and marketing activities on mobile GSM and NFC technologies. In the direction of overall system understanding and customer application oriented interest, Nathalie is now developing the 2.4GHz technology within STMicroelectronics.


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