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The Zigbee Alliance is the standard-bearer of the open IoT.

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Leading companies choose Zigbee


As one of the most well-known and established standards in the industry; we enable you to create devices that just work.


Our world-renowned certification program and our large focus on interoperability assure consumers and developers that devices will interoperate.


We provide multiple technologies that are extremely low-power. Devices that can last years on tiny batteries are our specialty.

Zigbee allows us to deliver the most interoperable wireless mesh network

Bruno Vulcano @ Legrand
Research & Development Manager


use Zigbee in your home


Make home feel more at home by adding smart devices that can control your home the way you want it.


With the power of smart devices, you can keep your home secure even when you aren’t home.


Smart Home devices can help monotonous tasks like controlling your shades, locking the door, and dimming the lights easier than ever before.

Zigbee wireless technology makes the interconnection of everything simple

Terry Nie @ Tuya Global
Head of Technology

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